NI Protocol Deal Changes Politics for Good.

I’ve often written about #Brexit and hoped at some stage we could have a normal conversation about its impact and what can be done to end the misery it has caused. Until this last week I didn’t think that would be possible before the next election. But perhaps the ‘Windsor Agreement’ has changed quite a bit in British politics and our relationship with Europe.

Here are a few quick things I have noticed and worth pondering over the coming months ahead of the General Election. These are in no particular order of importance!

We are now in the Trussonomics experiment – the Chancellor is gambling on the failed dogma of trickle down economics.

We knew what was coming at the ‘Mini-Budget’ yesterday. Despite a hiatus in politics for the death and mourning of the Queen the Budget was well trailed. From the Bankers Bonus cap being lifted to the reversal in NI (which they all voted for a few months ago) it was all there in plain sight. Yes of course there were a few ‘surprises’ as any Chancellor feels they need up their sleeve. The early cut in income tax and the 45p higher rate amongst them. But they were all part of the same narrative.