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They are no longer governing but smashing up the system – Cummings Johson and Gove

There has been so much material to write about over the last two weeks that I have had the opposite of writers block – writers overload. Instead of finding time to keep up and dig a little deeper into what has been happening under the cover of the Covid crisis I have resorted to quick comments and retweets of the material on twitter over @andyjreed_obe

The Stories that Back Up Labour Together – from Nathan Oswin

The Labour Together report is an incredibly comprehensive look at the 2019 election from Labours perspective, but also looks further back on trends with the ominous warning being that there is no guarantee these trends will turn around of any natural accord. It’s the stark reality that complacency could take us from a grievous strike to a death blow for our party.

Easing Lockdown and Preparing for the Second Wave – A Political Gamble

The Prime Minister announced a raft of measures yesterday which to all intents and purposes sounded like the signal to the end of Lockdown from the 4th July. (BBC Summary of the Measures)

It has felt from the start that political decision making has dominated this crisis whilst Ministers have tried to hide by the awful phrase – led by the Science. You will have seen over the last week or so that even this has changed subtly to informed by the science.