Former MP for Loughborough. Director of Saje Impact and Founder of the Sports Think Tank

I’m backing the striker

The current government doesn’t have a great track record taking on footballers in the media. We all know how the row with Marcus Rashford ended for them.

But despite my affection and admiration for Leicester lad Gary Lineker and what he said last week I fear there are many on the Right who are happy to see the battle with the BBC carry on.

Replaced by AI? This week in Politics

I would never have guessed when I started randomly collecting my thoughts on some aspects of politics on this site that I would be replaced by an AI bot. But it’s almost here isn’t it?

Over the last week I wanted to write about Labour’s Five missions and what this means for the coming election and more importantly for me what it would mean for the first term of a Labour government.

NI Protocol Deal Changes Politics for Good.

I’ve often written about #Brexit and hoped at some stage we could have a normal conversation about its impact and what can be done to end the misery it has caused. Until this last week I didn’t think that would be possible before the next election. But perhaps the ‘Windsor Agreement’ has changed quite a bit in British politics and our relationship with Europe.

Here are a few quick things I have noticed and worth pondering over the coming months ahead of the General Election. These are in no particular order of importance!