Has stability Really Returned?

Isn’t it amazing how quickly we have all forgotten that bizarre period when we had a Truss premiership. Sadly the consequences of that madness will be felt by us all for years. The experiment with Tufton Street Trussonomics has damaged the reputation and economy of the UK. And just because Rishi Sunak is not as clearly as terrible as Johnson and Truss it does not mean we are out fo the woods yet.

Now another has gone… why is Truss still here.

After a long day walking in the Cairngorms we headed home to catch up with PMQs. I still have no idea how Truss manages to carry on. Her humiliation is complete after she has been forced to abandon her policies and replace her closest ally Kwarteng with Sunak backer Jeremy Hunt. Her half an hour at PMQs could be excruciating! ​