The National Interest to #Remain

The referendum campaign has at times been ugly. Last week I wrote a lengthy piece on how just ugly our politics had become and hoped that after the 23rd June we cold return to a politics I knew to be robust but ultimately fair.

To show this in a practical way I have worked with my Tory successor NIcky Morgan the Tory MP for Loughborough to produce a joint letter to our Loughborough Echo newspaper urging a #Remain vote.  The decision on Thursday is above ‘Party Politics’ and our national interest in the modern world is to stay in the EU and make it work for us all. I am proud to stand alongside Nicky this week to urge a vote for Remain.

Letter to the Echo…

We write as current and former MPs who between us have had the great privilege to represent the Loughborough constituency over the past almost two decades. We disagree on many things but we do agree that the UK should remain as a member of the EU. This a momentous vote which will have consequences for Britain for decades to come.

Much has been made of the likely economic shock a vote to leave would have and the consequent impact on jobs and the money available to spend on our essential public services. But this debate is about more than numbers. It is about Britain’s place in the world. Britain is an outward facing nation and being part of the EU makes us stronger on the world stage. As a member of the EU we have the ability to lead and influence on issues such as security, trade, equalities and climate change to name just a few. A vote to leave would mean we forfeited our seat at the table and the ability to influence others and secure developments in our favour. As proud members of the UN, NATO, IMF and Commonwealth why would we now turn our backs on the EU?

We hope Echo readers will take the time to weigh up all the issues and vote to remain on 23rd June.

Yours faithfully

Nicky Morgan (MP for Loughborough 2010 – )

& Andy Reed (MP for Loughborough 1997 – 2010)

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