The Tory Leadership

Clearly I’m not very good at consistently blogging. I seem to have overlooked a Covid pandemic and the final downfall of our worst Prime Minister – Johnson.

Johnson on his way out ?

I don’t know how my ramblings fell by the wayside as I’ve been more exercised by post 2019 politics than at any time over the last decade – save for the 2016 Brexit vote.

I cheered the downfall of Johnson. I had Covid when the curtain finally fell as his Ministers one by one resigned and I loved watching the Resignation counter being updated by the minute. I had always hoped his end would be humiliating.

I will return to Johnson as he leaves Downing Street (although until I see him actually leaving I won’t fully believe it’s happening) I never intend to try and better others writing and there are several brilliant articles I defer to :-

Andrew Rawnsley – his latest posts over the last few months have all been brilliant

Richard Evans – New Statesman

But the glee I felt at his demise was quickly replaced with the horror show that is the Tory Party leadership campaign.

Those who put themselves forward was quite weird. Who were some of these people? Why did some of them think they had it in them to be leader of a political party – never mind the Prime Minister of the UK? How delusional are these Tory backbenchers. Even those that got through to the last 5 have all been so lightweight. Having something interesting to say seemed to be enough to get an endorsement and salivating ERG members fawning over their every word. Ability and suitability for the job seems way down the wish list!

And so here we are. We have to endure a summer of Sunak v Truss. I think you will agree that after the early public ‘debates’ we should be entitled to say sorry we won’t appoint but re-advertise.

Whilst as a Labour supporter I am enjoying the whole unedifying episode of blue on blue attacks and the trashing of the Tories record in government it’s all remarkable that these two have been running the country they think has gone to the dogs for the last 12 years!

I don’t usually join in the clamour to call for a general election as it doesn’t have to be automatically triggered by a change of leader/ prime minister. But this time feels different.

The only way for the country to move on from the chaos and constitutional crisis and forthcoming culture wars is for a fresh start and a moderate new centre left government to tackle the economy, climate crisis and repair our damaged international reputation.

Anytime before Christmas would be fine by me. Which leads me on to think my next blog about how ready Labour are for government and how I now rate Sir Keir. However, I’m sure Sunak and Truss just might come up with a reason to write about them again soon.

So what do you make of these last two? Britain deserves better – right?

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