Back from a Summer Break.

Boris Johnson faces Tory wrath as party slumps in shock poll

…. screams the Observer headline on my return to the news.

Party in despair, senior MP says, as Labour draws level in wake of exam chaos and Covid U-turns it follows up with!

Clearly a lot has happened over the Summer and I can’t hope to catch up with it all. But as I return to writing I can’t help but notice what a shambles we have as a government and yet the Observer calls a poll with the Tories and Labour level pegging a shock! I’d say it’s still a shock that the Tories are holding onto any sort of polling above 30%. So the question is how? I will return to this over the coming weeks as it shows the size of the task for Labour to unseat the Tories. Their 80 seat majority won’t crumble just because of their incompetence.

On the other hand Starmer and Labour have climbed a long way since March – some 20+ points. Again this needs analysis and what really lies behind the Labour brand and how far the Party still has to go to rebuild the trust lost under Corbyn.

New Chapter

I’m personally starting a new chapter in my life this Autumn which will allow me to spend more time on politics and this website. I’d really like to encourage others to write on here too and to generate some genuine debate and thinking about what future we want for our country. It is certain that the current incumbents at No10 are unfit to govern and are increasingly becoming a danger to our democracy. Those who oppose them and their programme need to unite and defeat them at every opportunity whilst carrying the majority of people with them, by offering a viable and exciting alternative. That’s the task of an opposition- not just opposing. Opposing is the easy bit.

Roll on September and the new Parliamentary session.

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