The State We’re in – A constitution in need of updating

From the New Statesman

“All kinds of lessons can be drawn from the debacle of Dominic Cummings’ road trip to the north-east, and different political meanings squeezed out of this extraordinary episode. But in the context of a growing clamour to pin the blame for England’s seemingly poor response to the coronavirus pandemic on the decisions made by ministers and advisers, we should think, too, about whether the wider machinery of British governance should also be held accountable. “

See the full article to highlight the problems we face in how Britain can be governed

Once again this is a bit of a process and delivery issue, but I have been around in delivery and policy for long enough to know it makes a massive difference when we are in government or power locally. From dispatch box to doorstep is the long hard slog of governing, not just passing lovely composite motions within a political party!

Thoughts on some of the challenges.?

The next period offers an opportunity to shape the state in a very different way. It’s just sad that the Tories and Cummings get to set the agenda


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