Cummings Plan to Smash up the State ?

I don’t often write about ‘process’ stories as the point of this blog is to understand and connect politics into building a coalition of voters for a Labour government. I know most people don’t follow the details of government structures and policy making. But this is important. Cummings intends to implement his rambling blogs and we will suffer the consequences of this revolution.

This feels like an important speech. Gove is preparing the way for a full-blown onslaught on Whitehall & the British state. And he wants us to see the Cummings-led dismemberment to come as the New Deal. Lord Wood – Twitter

From @PickardJE on Twitter allows us to follow the actual speech

Click to access Ditchley_lecture.pdf

this particular line has a whiff of his close friend Cummings:

“We need to ensure more policy makers and decision
makers feel comfortable discussing the Monte Carlo method or Bayesian statistics”

For the record this is all that Bayesian statistics means

Bayesian decision making involves basing decisions on the probability of a successful outcome, where this probability is informed by both prior information and new evidence the decisionmaker obtains. The statistical analysis that underlies the calculation of these probabilities is Bayesian

Let’s just think about the performance of this government. Competence is hardly the word that springs to mind.

We need to pay attention to this smash up of the state

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