Build in time for Physical Activity

Another report today surprisingly states that if you walk, cycle and use public transport you will reduce your BMI and be ‘up to half a stone lighter’. I am pretty sure most of us in our own minds know this and don’t need a report to confirm the obvious! But how many have read it, digested it and certainly how many will do anything about it in their own lives?

This is not another lecture about healthy living and lifestyle… but a simple plea fir us to be honest with each other about what our lifestyles are doing to our health and wellbeing.

Instead of taking the car to the Gym today

I decided once again to get into cycling there. yes it added 10 mins onto the journey but what a great benefit. I saw people to talk to, I saved energy and CO2 as well as not having to use the bike at the gym – guess what, saving me 20 mins!

The report suggests that our reliance on the car is driving these poor behaviours. This is of course where it all gets difficult. Not many policy makers, politicians and advisers dare take on the obsession with our love of moving around in our cars.

I hope to start a journal of steps for middle aged men to take to improve their health & wellbeing. This won’t be a blog about taking up marathon running but simple daily tips to get moving again, maintaining a healthy diet and starting to live a balanced and meaningful life.

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