Home for Good –

Having just spent a couple of weeks with my friend Krish Kandiah I feel the need to step up our support for his new venture – Home for Good.
I have been pleased to help a little in the journey of Home for Good – see their website from the early days (I mainly mean as an armchair fan!) as I have obviously recognised the benefits of fostering and adoption for individuals as well as society as a whole. I want to do more by encouraging the work of this small but significant charity through our work at SajeImpact
The initiative has largely been driven by the passion and enthusiasm of Krish Kandiah and somebody I love to help.
The Charity is now up and running and I’m looking forward to being involved in a couple of events coming up which I will let you know about via this site and via my twitter and facebook page.
What is Home for Good?
“Thousands of the most vulnerable children in our society have nowhere to call home. There are 6,000 children waiting to be adopted in the UK, and 9,000 more foster families are urgently needed.
The Church is uniquely placed to offer its help to meet this need. As a large social network with involvement of large numbers of families, the Church is fertile soil for recruitment. Once carers have been through the full process of assessment, the Church could provide an excellent community of support to wrap around families who are adopting or fostering children.
Home for Good is a national campaign which aims to make fostering and adoption a normal part of Church life.

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