I largely stopped blogging about politics in the summer.

To be frank social media means it’s pretty unpleasant speaking out on some of the big issues of the day and I didn’t need all the flak! However, I guess as part of an early New Years resolution I have decided not to sit back and let fear of speaking up be the cause of this country sliding out of the EU, SM and EEA because my party was playing a short term political game. So 2018 will be a time for speaking up a little more specifically here on this ‘political site’

As you can see from this article and polling (yes I know it’s the MSM!) but I know it reflects the conversations I am having all the time. There are many Labour voters like me who are ‘angry & disappointed’ at the lack of fight from our party on the biggest peacetime issue for a generation.

Time to make our voices heard across the country and not leave this to a few in parliament across the political divide. They need our support to face down the hard right brexiteers.

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