Exit Poll & Loughborough Count

10.30pm Whilst not quite ‘live blogging’ I will try to add a few thoughts as the night unfolds. I still had the Tories on a 40 majority based on the polls and gut instinct earlier today. Therefore I was as pleasantly surprised at the Exit poll as anybody else. At this stage a massive caveat. The Polls are within a margin of error of 20 seats either way.May *could* have a majority or it could be worse for her. Either way as I have said throughout this campaign – it has been awful for the Tories and May has been woeful. They threw it away. By the end this election was there to be won for Labour…


Postscript – 13th June…

The night turned out to be more exciting than I could imagine even at the Loughborough count and so the evening turned into a 5.30am journey home to Quorn still trying to take in what had just happened. This meant I didn’t get chance to add much on here but hopefully many of you caught up with tweets from the Count!


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