I fear that the rest of the Summer is going to be pretty ugly in politics and especially on social media in the Labour Party if the reaction to this story is anything to go by.

It may be a pointless observation but I want to encourage a healthy debate about the future of the Party – and will be pretty ruthless on my platforms for maintaining a level of decency and respect for each other views. We live in a democracy fortunately where putting your name forward for election is encouraged. We then debate the issues. 

I waited all week to publish anything on the Labour leadership in the hope that the so-called  peace talks with the Unions might bear some fruit. But Corbyn statements all week showed he was digging in for a fight – not compromise. The news today ends that speculation and as soon as we have heard from Angela Eagle on Monday and the NEC on the process I aim to post a few thoughts as the election unfolds and the fight for the soul of the Labour Party as an election winning entity begins.


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