Sports Meetings to Inspire – GE rolls on

Back to normal work today. A series of meetings to talk about making our sports sector fit for purpose and preparing it for the world ahead – instead of looking back to the glory days!

However, I’ve been keen to catch up on the train home on the latest election news. But it doesn’t seem to have moved much today. It seems the Business Letter to the Telegrapgh is still running.

The key points from the coverage. This is a letter organised by the Tories so why is it news? We assume a letter from 100 teachers will get the same coverage.

of course the rebuttal units have kicked in and we now discover the bunch of business people (very few women btw) have donated £9m to the Tories. (Nice to have that much money to waste) and that between them Cameron has bestowed 18 OBE, MBEs and CBEs to them in his 5 years. Suddenly looks more like a bunch of Tory cronies writing a letter organised by the Tories. So why should it be news.

A good article by George Eaton at the New Statesman on this. As he also points out, and in line with my earlier comments, I wonder if this is a double edged sword. On the day Labour launches its pledges on zero hour jobs it makes the Tories look like the Party of the rich business interests focus groups tell us they are. So it cements their ‘economic competency’ message but costs them – but only if you are a rich Tory businessman (and a few women). On balance I think this probably is a 2-1 win for the Tories but it was strange to play this trump card so early in the election and at the cost outlined above.

I have also been led into discussing on twitter the contents of the David Cameron Easter message to Christianity Magazine. You will see the link on my twitter to a brilliant piece written by Danny Webster from the Evangelical Alliance on why this is crass nonsense. I am assuming it was a piece written for him by his press team – and by somebody who has no knowledge of the Christian faith and the meaning of Easter. I will leave you to read the piece by Danny who cuts this to pieces much better than I could ever hope to. I just wonder why people this these messages help when all they do is make it obvious the writer doesn’t get the issue at all!

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