April Fools

Early start for a trip to work in London today so not a lot of time to catch up on much news, just a quick snippet of R5Live.

It’s early to say but I guess the day will be dominated by the 100 Business leaders ‘letter’ to the Telegraph. This was bound to happen at some stage in the campaign, and I am only slightly surprised why this early? What always annoys me about these things is the amount of lazy journalism that then follows. Why are the opinions of this 100 people more important than anybody else. But as Staggers points out these things are a double edge sword. As Labour launches its campaign message on Zero Hour Contracts today there is a handy juxta-position for the electorate. It depends how you see these things but this could easily be ‘No surprise fat cat millionaires back Tories whilst Labour speaks for low paid Britain’ and the narrative today reinforces these images. So it’s not total win for Tory HQ if it reinforces the image problem they still have about being seen to look after the ‘rich’.

After a quick trawl through twitter before using my train journey to prepare for the meetings today I was struck by the sheer volume of April Fools. Sadly as many people have pointed out in the mad world we now inhabit some of the stories are difficult to distinguish from our daily reality!

I will try to retweet my favourite but I was struck how many used Clarkson in their storyline!

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