Loughborough Up for Grabs for Labour

This week saw the Labour ‘Back in Business’ when a conference with over 400 Business leaders took place in Canary Wharf and showed just how serious it is about working to win the next election. Despite some of the nonsensical ramblings of some on the left, no party seriously hoping to win a general election and run the economy can do so without a partnership with Business. The show of confidence from Business leaders attending speaks volumes about who they think will win in 2024. I have written quite a bit about what an inclusive economy based on a wellbeing agenda could look like over at my Saje Impact website. There is plenty of good thinking around at the moment and much of it from good businesses and business leaders.

Nearer to home in Loughborough we are in the final week of the selection process to find our new candidate to fight the next general election. Once again Loughborough is the kind of seat Labour needs to win to secure a majority government. Quite a bit has changed since I narrowly lost in 2010 by over 3000 votes. Defeats for labour in 2015, 2017 and 2019 need to be put behind us and a new formula found to build the coalition of voters that helped us between 1997 and 2010.

I wrote extensively a few weeks ago about the role the shortlisted candidates were clamouring to win.

I have taken a real interest in the candidates who have put themselves forward and how I can help – without getting in the way! I have been clear that I won’t endorse any specific candidate through the process, despite some valiant efforts of some candidates to get me to ‘declare’. I have also been really humbled by the amount of people who have been so encouraging trying to persuade me to come back and give it one more go! As some of you will know I did have a mild wobble a few weeks ago thinking I would think about it. It is not right for me at this stage in my life, so I have said I would do all I can to help secure Loughborough for the next Labour candidate.

We are now into the final stages. The videos have been distributed, leaflets have been dropped and texts and emails have been coming through. We are now in the GOTV stage of all elections, and the candidates are nervous, worried and read too much into every conversation, call or comment. I think there is a favourite but nobody really knows the minds of all local Party members.

Local is not Enough

We have a choice of 3 very different candidates. In his twitter feed Michael Crick ‘Tomorrow’sMPs’ has noticed a real trend to hyper local candidates in selections around the country. I enjoyed being the local candidate and would have only ever fought my ‘own seat’. But we are in a different position now. We more than likely selecting our next member of Parliament, so for me ‘being local’ isn’t enough on its own to win my vote. We need an MP who can do all the parts of the job I have described before. From individual complex casework, to representing the community, charities, businesses and faith groups locally and in Parliament with Ministers. We need somebody who can hold the executive to account and scrutinise legislation. Our local candidate has made a good pitch to be a community organiser but hasn’t yet convinced me they are ready to do much of the national role.

The selection didn’t quite attract as many potential candidates as one would have hoped, but we have had a healthy contest and a very healthy choice. We are lucky to have two other candidates who could take on the role and over time develop into much more impressive MPs than our rather useless Tory incumbent.

My hope is that Labour members will think carefully about what we want from our candidate – willing to work hard to campaign and listen locally, to take on the concerns of local people and have the ability to tackle complex issues in a sensible and sensitive way.

Here are a few snippets from the twitter feed @Tomorrow’sMPs.. and some links to resources for Jeevun and Elly

I think at the time of writing only Jeevun has a website – https://www.jeevunsandher.com/ .

Once the results are known this week I will share more about our successful candidate and what I think they need to do to win Loughborough!

2 Replies to “Loughborough Up for Grabs for Labour”

    1. I think the heading reflects that part of the blog. The Crick research shows a massive heavy bias to local candidates in this selection round and I am not sure that is all that healthy for the skills required in parliament, as you will have seen from the previous blog. I haven’t endorsed but do feel just being local isn’t a reason to vote for someone. Simples.


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