Now another has gone… why is Truss still here.

After a long day walking in the Cairngorms we headed home to catch up with PMQs. I still have no idea how Truss manages to carry on. Her humiliation is complete after she has been forced to abandon her policies and replace her closest ally Kwarteng with Sunak backer Jeremy Hunt. Her half an hour at PMQs could be excruciating!

It was awful to watch. But she at least turned up this time to face Parliament. She was as awful as usual but did come out fighting… just screaming nonsense at Starmer.

But it turns out that PMQs was the least of her problems for Truss today. The Home Secretary resigning is bad enough but her letter to the PM away devastating – clearly setting herself up for a leadership bid. A new Sunak government feels like it’s forming around Truss as she appoints Grant Schapps to replace Braverman.

Still to come today as I write is a vote in the Commons on fracking. For no apparent reason Truss has walked into a trap set by Labour and turned the vote into a vote of confidence in the government. who knows how this will end?

Whilst all this is dramatic and beyond parody. But it has real life consequences for all of us. Hopefully we can return to the issues not this melodrama soon. Britain is in decline and we need something fresh. For me it’s an election and a Labour government soon!

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