Repeat Headline – How long will Liz Trust Survive

I did ask in my recent Blog just how long Liz Truss could survive after her Party conference and the first of what we now know is her many U-Turns. It was slightly rhetorical but not so much so today!

I am not fast enough writing these Blogs to keep up with the incoherence and incompetence we have in government at the moment, so again I have reverted to tweeting live as news comes in.

It seemed obvious late last night that Kwartang was on his way out. Good. He is useless and has done lasting damage to the economy – but also sadly the finances of businesses and families up and down the country. I look at my own pension/ savings and weep. Those with mortgages or on low incomes were already struggling. This winter is looking really bleak.

Liz Truss and Kwatrang have been ideological soul mates since they arrived in Parliament together. This was a perfect meeting of ideological commitment with No 10 and No 11 firmly committed to a narrow far right ideology not tested since the Reagan years in the US. They were joined at the hip. This was a joint budget. There is no way Truss can now pretend her fingers are not all over this and the disaster that has flowed.

Even if she now tries to brazenly carry on she is finished. Her backbenchers have now had enough evidence to see she is just not up to the task. (We all knew this before but there we go!) Watch her interviews. The eyes give it away. She is petrified. The sound bite speeches that fooled the Tory faithful during the leadership election just don’t cut in parliament or in contact with competent journalists. They laugh at her, and these backbenchers know there is no way they can win an election (or hold their jobs/seats). So they know they need to act.

The most plausible ‘plan’ I have seen so far is the weight of the backbench feeling is conveyed to her and a unity canidate or candidates is lined up as caretakers where they also announce a general Election – but say in May 2023 to allow them to calm the markets. This may also help create an impression of a new government and any honeymoon period may reduce the size of the Tory rout at a GE.

It’s a long shot. Perhaps a Sunak Mordant double act. It is a crazy plan. But do you know what. Hanging on to the useless Truss is even crazier.

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