Labour takes biggest poll lead in ten years as cost of living crisis bites | News | The Times

Labour hold their biggest poll lead over the Conservatives for almost ten years amid mass dissatisfaction with the government’s handling of the cost of living.A YouGov poll for The Times showed Labour with the backing of 43 per cent of voters, 15 points ahead of the Conservatives on 28 per cent. It
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The election result with a 15% Labour lead
The election result with a 15% Labour lead in the polls

As always I urge caution. Never take a single poll in isolation and never get too excited ahead of an election if you are the Labour Party.

But there has been a slow pattern emerging. There has been consistent Labour leads in the range of polls and on the most of the key issues.

The Tories are currently choosing a new leader to address some of their problems – whilst at the same time looking more out of touch than ever. There probably will be a ‘bounce’ of some kind for a new Tory Prime Minister but you can’t really see a Truss premiership looking good for very long!

It is easy to suggest Labour *should* be 20 points ahead in the polls and that much of this lead is dissatisfaction with Johnson and a Government out of touch on the cost of living crisis. But given the disastrous election result in 2019 for Labour I was one of those who felt it would take two election cycles to get close to forming a government. With a 15% lead an absolute majority would be possible. Amongst the seats that would fall is Loughborough..

It’s another step in the right direction. Building trust and momentum for Labour. At times of uncertainty the general electorate want reassurance and rewarding for voting Labour. Despite the calls for radicalism we know in a crisis voters don’t want wild promises and massive change. They want their day to day worries settling and in a way they believe. I know those who are politically active or interested want excitement and radicalism (I know I do!) but much of the purpose of this blog is to remind myself and readers that we are not the general voting public who often look for something very different.

At the moment I will take this cautious approach if it wins the keys to No10.

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