The premature easing of #Lockdown is symptomatic of the UKs poor handling of the Coronavirus

I often struggle to get these blogs started when there is just so much material and I have so many things to say. Ironically I find it easier to write my column for Sports Management Magazine because I have only 600 words to play with. I have to concentrate on having a point to make in 100 words and then to back it up with the other 500 words. I really do struggle most months, but it is a great discipline.

So this is my working draft that will be updated during the week! It will also be adapted for my various sites and specific areas of interest. In sport I have strong views about only operating when its is safe to do so and not being seen to push for premature opening of indoors facilities.

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You see I have already wasted 180 words!

My simple point is this. The government were clearly slow and late into #lockdown. We could all see what was happening in places like Italy, France and Spain. We sat in horror as Boris seemed unwilling to take the necessary steps to protect us from the virus spreading. He even boasted as we know about still shaking hands. That will always be his ‘Trump’ moment.

There is enough good analysis around that will all come out in the Public Inquiry that will inevitably have to be held. Please send me the best articles/summaries you have seen and I can link them here, We don’t have to wait for the Inquiry. We can share now.

One thing that did strike me about the first phase of this crisis was the politicians hiding behind ‘the science’. We all know there is nothing as simple as THE science. This was always a myth and this has been highlighted by the actions of the government over the last week when ‘The science’ has been ignored.

Last weekend the Cummings story wouldn’t go away. So a clear strategy emerged. Change the agenda. Move on from Cummings and in true Boris style give people something to be cheerful about. The end of Lockdown offered a solution to both. As we have already seen ‘The Science’ and specifically the scientific advisers have not been convinced we are ready for this phase of easing lockdown. This next stage is a political decision and one we must hold Cummings and Boris accountable for.

Coronavirus: Risk in UK lockdown easing too soon, warn scientists

BBC News

Daily deaths are still high and the R rate as we know is only just below 1 (although the regional variations show some slightly nearer 0.6 but others at or slightly aboove 1)

Even by its own criteria the government cannot demonstrate we are able to move to Stage 3. Yet is coined the awful phrase this week that we are transitioning to phase 3 from phase4

Reopening all schools would bring 'very real risk' of a second ...

Test Trace and Isolate is a step in the right direction and can back up the ability to ease lockdown when it is functioning. First why have we got to June and we don’t have this in place. Again we could see from countries like South Korea how this could be done. We are very late to this. But more importantly we shouldn’t be easing so many lockdown measures at once without this functioning.

NHS test-and-trace system ‘not fully operational until September’

The Guardian

We could be paying a heavy price for this political urge to have a good news story, with the number of deaths remaining at an unacceptable level for some time to come. Or worse a second spike could undo any progress we have made as a country.

As a family we isolated earlier than the government suggested. It was obvious what needed to be done. Likewise we are not rushing to join in the rush back to ease lockdown.

Easing lockdown is not just some academic debate. It is clear that this was deliberate and has given people the wrong impression that its almost all over. This was clearly all about sending messages and about having somehting to look forward to. The confusion is almost deliberate.

So what does this mean politically.

I will unpack this : which shows the public shift in attitude to Boris and his government since the General Election. Probably tomorrow or this week.

Second the debate on disparities in the risk of outcomes for the BAME community from Covid-19 needs a seperate response – especailly in the wake of the #blacklivesmatters campaign this week. All things are connected.

So much to say. So much anger this week. And I haven’t even mentioned Trump. The way we channel that anger is the way we get change. I am working hard on that response right now.

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