A Quick Goodbye to Politics in 2019

I have taken my own advice from my last Blog and taken time over the last week to reflect, research and listen and not write! Clearly despite the call for people not to rush to judgement most couldn’t resist the temptation and have taken to social media to ‘explain’ why their faction is right about the #GE2019 result.

These blogs will continue to reflect on a future for the Labour Party as these are the politics I know best. Specifically from the perspective of a marginal middle england seat. My own SajeImpact assessments about the performance of the new Tory Government will switch our work site – http://www.sajeimpact.com or on things sports related at http://www.sportsthinktank.com

I have captured a personal series of articles and blogs which I will link on this site in the New Year, which I have found most useful. As one of the disciplines I have tried to master is listening to those I disagree with, I have tried really hard to get outside of my bubble or echo chamber. Fortunately ’offline’ this is quite easy as plenty of people still stop and talk politics – whether I want to or not. It goes with the territory. But online it has meant following some threads I would normally avoid. I have had to delve into the online Corbynista world. I have had to maintain a sense of humour with these! On the other side I have been reading lots more from ‘Blue Labour’ writers. I have discovered the further ‘Right’ I go the more uncomfortableI feel. I have gone wider and further than normal, and with an open mind. It has been difficult at times, but that is necessary.

But there are themes that need unpicking to explain the GE2019- Corbyn, leadership, Culture wars, the end of ‘its the colony stupid’ Brexit, New Labour, the ‘Red Wall’ and how it fell, how to win back lost seats and build a majority in seats like Loughborough which will still need to be won at some stage in the future. There is also now lots fo analysis available about who voted and how. We know the biggest divides are now age, gender, Race, and education levels not class. This has massive implications for the future of any party. It is no longer the economy stupid!

In my normal work I get organisations to think strategically and for the long term. I will apply this experience to the work the Labour Party needs to do. Sadly it doesn’t do this well! And this is not about looking backwards to how we won in 1997. The world has changed and it is about building a new coalition of voters for 2024 or 2029.

Over the last six months I have found some great bloggers and ‘experts’ worth following. And I have muted others like Owen Jones and Bastani on the Corbyn left who are just jokes.

There are plenty of people I would recommend you follow to get some balanced perspectives and none more so than formally local lad Matt Singh on twitter

Check out Matt Singh on Twitter.
Pollster, election analyst, founder of Number Cruncher Analytics (@NCPoliticsUK|@NCPoliticsEU|@NCSpo). Travel, sports (volleyball, F1), Alsace wine. Own views.

In the New Year I will continue to pause and reflect on these pages. In January I hope there will be a natural flow to my thought process. And of course we will be in the battle for the Leadership of the Labour Party.

First I will help understand how we got to 12th December 2019. Second reflect on what this means for the politics in the UK for the 2020s and then third how should Labour react. Unfortunately Labour’s first act will be to quickly find a leader who can do all three parts of this thinking and analysis AND Lead. And all by March. It’s why I haven’t said anything yet or backed a candidate. It’s all too much and too quick. We probably need an interim leader to see us through and another to lead to victory. They are probably two coiffure the jobs.

I will do that after proper reflection. I know who I won’t be backing though and that is any body who is continuity Corbyn.

But as I promised myself I would reflect first and then start to explain. Today is not the day for the lengthy blog. Today is the day to wish regular readers a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. It’s going to be another roller coaster of a ride in 2020.

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  1. Wish you and Sarah a lovely Christmas and a very happy New Year. Enjoy a politics free holiday. 🎅🏼🎄🎅🏼

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