The Fight for the Soul of the Labour Party

It may only be 1am on Election night and we have only had a handful of results but the exit poll and these early results are a disaster for the Labour Party. The final figure may not be quite as bad as these headlines but it will be a substantial Tory win. At a time that any half decent Labour Opposition would expect to WIN.

Anybody who knows me will understand my despair at the state of the Party since Corbyn and his machinery took over after 2015. I predicted the voters would reject Corbynism and they have at this election in dramatic fashion.

As the media have already reported the battle for the future of the Party direction has started. I kept my membership so that I could be part of this battle! It is too early on election night to describe exactly what this looks like for me. But I still feel as strongly as I did about the need for a progressive agenda for our country and a viable social democrat government that can build a very different and more equal society. We did it before and we can do it again. I don’t have the answers tonight, but I know it is a future without Corbyn and his supporters.

4 Replies to “The Fight for the Soul of the Labour Party”

  1. Andy

    We’ll put and this is now the time to rebuild the labour party and reject the momentum doctrine. If Corbyn is as honourable as he says he will resign today and move on allowing the party a clear run at resetting the agenda.

    Given the size of the Tory majority it could take 10 years to oust them, although it is highly likely Johnson and the right wing will show their true colours in the next few years.

    Brexit will still be divisive and many of those normally labour supporting voters will realise over time they’ve been duped.

    Who do you think is the right person to take the party back to a more modern centrist party able to appeal to a wider audience?


    1. Thanks David. I am not rushing to back any candidate in the leadership as none stand out for me at the moment as remotely ready for the task ahead. It’s a real worry! Who do you think.


  2. I left Labour because of Corbyn. His departure may not be enough for me to rejoin. Very disappointed that Labour couldn’t do a pact with the other opposition parties. More thoughts later. Time for bed now. Keep on with the good work Andy.

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