General Election 2017

I spent the Easter weekend clearing out my garage – still full of old paperwork from when I closed down my office. I was feeling a little nostalgic for the 5 general elections I have fought, as I threw out old leaflets and newsletters.

So little did I suspect today would start the #GE2017 blog series on this site today as I was returning from the ‘tip’

gene election

There will be lots to write about over the coming weeks. But today is a surprise. I thought the time had gone when she could call a snap election. It is a huge risk for May and the Tories despite her huge opinion poll lead. It is also something that people will judge for themselves. There is NO NEED for the election even based on her spurious arguments made outside NO10 this morning.

I am also not looking forward to this election. First we have become a deeply divided country and we have to put up with all these arguments again.. but I guess that’s democracy.

Secondly, I am uncertain about if this is good for Labour in the short and long term. I didn’t want Labour to limp on under JC until 2020 – when there would probably little left to pick up and rebuild. However, getting smashed in June with a possible 100 seat Tory majority for another full 5 years fills me with dread. We might have disliked Cameron but the Right in the Tory party has been asserting itself in recent months. I would feel better if I was certain JC would go after a massive election defeat. I can see Momentum making their excuses already about why JC needs the next 5 years as he hadn’t had long enough. You can see why I have mixed feelings.

Updates as the weeks roll on to June 8th…

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