A Bitter Summer Campaign Ahead – Stay Calm & Debate

If the heat of this first week of the Labour leadership campaign is anything to go by we are in for an unedifying political battle for both the leadership and soul of the Labour Party over the next 8 weeks. September can’t come quickly enough.

I am grateful for those who have fed back on the usefulness of these posts – I am hoping to keep up a steady stream over the next couple of months trying to tackle some of the issues that arise during the contest. As everybody knows I am not going to be voting for Corbyn, but I will try to set out rationally why this is the case and explain why I think this is both right for the sake of the Party I have served for 32 years, and the people we need to help across the country with a Labour government.
Rather than a series of long posts trying to cover too much material – and there is so much going on it’s going to be hard to keep this discipline – I will try to answer the criticisms of my views and take on the standard arguments trotted out by the Corbyn team and Momentum. For example in his speech at his launch Corbyn called for or almost demanded unity and loyalty from his MPs in Parliament. For a guy who has spent his entire life rebelling against the party and its previously elected leaders this came across as a little rich! I will take this sort of issue and dig a little deeper.

 So before I embark on this new Leadership election series I would love some feedback – and some of the usual ‘attacks’. My first ideas for subjects include i) the mountain Labour needs to climb to win in 2020 (or sooner), ii) Why we lost in 2010 and 2015 iii) why Corbyn is such a poor leader iv) why our current performance shows we are heading for an even worse defeat in 2020 v) Why Labour MPs were right to act vi) why Corbyn should welcome the leadership election after he said leaders should face elections every year vii) what is Momentum and ‘entryism’ viii) why has social media led to so much abuse ix) why Corbyn supporters are genuine in their belief in his ability to win x) the cult like nature of Corbyn supporters xi) why Corbyn and his entourage seem more interested in creating a social movement rather than a parliamentary majority xii) Wondering beyond the cliches and slogans what Corbyn actually stands for? Genuine question. What else is there?

Finally for now. I will also be posting more material on my Google+ page to keep my Twitter and Facebook free from too much Labour politics! Both my timelines are full of people nowhere near as interested in politics and internal labour politics as me!

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