Where Next? 

It has been a long 72 hours attached to the news cycle and my social media feeds. It was therefore a welcome break to be at OpenHeaven this morning but talk about the referendum and the fallout was never far away. The danger of speaking out last week in the Loughborough Echo alongside Tory MP Nicky Morgan is that people keep asking me to throw my hat back into the ring! Or assuming I had already  I can assure all those asking I am now committed to working to creating a better world in other and different ways. I am afraid the door to front line politics has been closed for me. I took the hint in 2010 after losing in Loughborough that it was time to move on.  I will explain in  more detail after this current ‘situation’ moves on!

I am almost not sure where to begin. There are multiple stories running today that I feel the urge to write about all of them but I have narrowed them down to these 5 or 6 for today!

  • The lack of any plan for Leave
  • Why the 48% Remainers shouldn’t just shut up
  • The resignation of Cameron & who will be our PM by October
  • How #Brexit will or will not play out…
  • The Labour Leadership crisis…
  • The Deep Divisions in society that won’t be healed in the near future..

By any normal standards each one of these would be enough to fill our 24 hour news. All too often there isn’t enough to keep these platforms going but today is not one of them. 

1. Like many of us who campaigned against Leave we were constantly frustrated by the media inability or unwillingness to ask them any serious questions about their ‘plans’ post referendum. We knew their sounbites and slogans were misleading, or even lies that they shamelessly repeated even when told not to by the independent Statistical Authority. 

If you watched the excruciating Leave press conference you will have realised that Johnson & Gove suddenly looked uncomfortable and shifty with their victory. The Leave campaign started backtracking pretty quickly on their promised NHS spending or event he idea that they would halt the freedom of movement. This pair know that we need migration and immigrants to help our economy but wouldn’t admit it during the campaign – instead happy to hide behind the dog whistle politics of Farage. 

This is now a serious issue as leave campaigners were celebrating Independence Day yesterday! I have already seen reports of incidence of hate crimes taking place in the last 48 hours. They have unleashed an expectation of a halt in immigration and even repatriation almost immediately.  They unleashed this vile politics and then have disappeared to plan their assault on the Tory Party to get Boris into No10. It is a dereliction of duty. They had no plan, they still have no plan and they are leaving Britain exposed on the word economic scene, and in Europe as other countries move to make us hurry up and leave! 

More later as we look at some of the other issues 

1731 Sunday 26th June 2106 

Although as one helpful tweet pointed out – this picture sums up Leave at the moment

1750 Sunday 26th June 

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