Labour Party Coup Begins 

Politics in the UK changed dramatically on Friday morning. Not just the referendum result itself but the ramifications for the leadership of the political parties. Clearly Cameron understood this and resigned as we all expected.

The lack of leadership shown by Corbyn during the referendum campaign only led to further frustration with him from within Westminster. I personally thought his performances were truly awful. 

But the sacking of Hilary Benn overnight and the possible resignation of over half of the shadow cabinet this morning will force the issue of his leadership. 

I think most people realise where I stand on this. I have recognised from the start that Jeremy is popular amongst the new Labour membership but is an electoral disaster. His inability to do his job during the biggest political event in our lives only highlighted his unsuitability to become our Prime Minister. That is what the leader of Labour in opposition should be.. The next PM. I don’t know  anybody outside his core inner circle and supporters who believe he is capable of winning an election. I don’t even think this is his or their priority.

We could be months away from a general election. Whoever wins the Tory leadership may feel the need for a fresh mandate from the country. When Gordon Brown took over from Blair the constitutional position was clear – no election is necessary. But in hindsight perhaps Gordon should have gone to the country when we were seriously considering it in 2007 and cold have won. Many of the Tories demanded he went to the country for a fresh mandate. It I’ll be interesting to see if they demand the same now they are in power?! 

So politics as well as the fallout from the EU referendum will give me plenty to write about over the coming weeks.

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