Tory Success if we are still talking about the SNP today instead of NHS

The Tories will be pretty pleased with themselves if the news coverage today is still talking about Scotland and the SNP. Instead of the normal daily coverage of the topics the parties want to talk about in their ‘Grid’ – education, NHS, Transport or the economy we have had the last week dominated by the issue the Tories love to use to reduce the number of Labour held seats (by assuring Scots that if they vote SNP they really do get a Labour government) Whilst in England playing the ‘SNP are really dangerous intolerant people who don’t have a legitimate place in Westminster. As I have posted before this is a dangerous short term game – playing with fire. However, if you are sitting in CCHQ and none of the other themes of the Campaign seem to be working the way Australian Guru Lynton Crosby told them it would all of this risk obviously seems worthwhile. I guess the fact that in my reflection today I am even talking about the SNP and not about the NHS Launch from Labour in Manchester shows it is working. So I promise this will be generally SNP free blog from now on. We will wait until May 8th to see what happens and then work out what sort of government is formed.

I did find it amusing today though. Dragging up John Major to lecture us on unstable government really did take the biscuit. If ever there was somebody who missed the irony surely it must have been him in his speech today. Major presided over chaos and a government held to ransom by his UKIP tendency in the Party – those who he described as ‘Bast$%^s’. It is also probably galling for Cameron to see this weakest of PMs actually won an election in 1992 – something Cameron is likely never going to achieve.

But back at the campaign. It looks as though Labour are trying to go back to the NHS this week with a big launch in Manchester today. It will be interesting to see if this gets any cut through given the headlines are elsewhere and people already give Labour big lead on handling the NHS. At least it is good ground for them to reinforce their message.

More later when the full implications of the days campaign have become obvious after a day in London and on a train!

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