Who won the Non Doms Day

Today was one of the campaign days for the political fanatics and a lesson for sometimes not always rushing into instant rebuttal.

Labour started well today by talking about abolishing the Non Dom status of hundreds of thousands of those able to avoid paying tax here in the UK despite living here.

There have been plenty of excellent blogs today over at LabourList and the New Statesman which I won’t repeat at length here.

Without running through the confusion of the day, as most people sensibly will not have followed every twist and turn, I suspect what most people heard today was – Labour want to tax millionaires over here but not paying their fair share, they sounded a little confused about it during the day, but so did the Tories who were not sure how to attack the plan and seem to be on the side (again) of the millionaires. If you are a die hard supporter of either party today will reinforce your hatred of your opponents – it’s getting a little bitter and personal already (4 weeks still to go of this!). But if you are a neutral and just catching headlines and top line messages – Labour tax the rich – Tories funded by and for the Rich. Simples.

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