As the day closes there wasn’t much new to report today. As expected on a day when economic news was coming in the Tories led on this issue.. Which they know from polling they feel they have a distinct advantage.

One of the greatest regrets we must have from 2008 is that a global recession and banking crisis happened on our watch in government. To make it worse the Tories were able to sell the line that a global recession was all the fault of the Labour government. After a decade of decent economic performance with Labour it is all too easy now for the Tories to caricature a failed Labour economic record.

On the other hand the Tories so called long term economic plan and record don’t stand up to much scrutiny and I will publish an excellent link to a C4 fact check, which blows the myths.

But today seemed to revolve around an argument about the Labour immigration pledge mug. Oh don’t you love it when elections get serious.

I got my first Labour literature of the campaign. There is a big difference in paper quality – but there should be. The Tory candidate has been given £50k from a donor. They have cash to burn and Labour has feet on the ground and an impressive contact rate over the last year or so. As this election will be about turnout in key marginals like Loughborough I know which I would prefer at this stage.

The Libe Dems did get some coverage today – but as far as I can see for a strange morning with jokey Essex!

The regional polls I saw this evening show that concentrating on national polls and uniform swings is dangerous.

Clearly there is a need to watch the SNP and Scotland as there seems little shift. In London Labour appears really strong and the same is true in Wales. As I have said before we do have a country that remains deeply divided. On top of these obvious extremes the general North/South divide in England will probably be exacerbated in this election.

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