Lunch time summary

It’s lunch already and I have hardly seen anything election related today. I have been a little busy working!
I did wake and scoured my twitter feed and by 8am I couldn’t quite see what the theme for the day was going to be.
It was good to see the Tory attack on Labour’s £3000 tax bombshell being reduced in their own words to ‘guesswork’. Equally there was a counter from the Tories from some of the business leaders used on the EU referendumn/ business poster with quotes suggesting they were unhappy and even some suggesting we should stick with the Tories. The infamous ‘Jennifers ear’campaign hiccup surely means whoever came up with this poster would have run a risk analysis? The reaction from business leaders quoted suggests not!
So early guesses – Tories running on jobs and Lib Dems on some more spending in the NHS. As one friend on facebook has asked – where is all this money now coming from when we are still told we have to cut the budget? I think all parties are going to have to be a little more honest about the future spending plans or the level of deficit they are willing to run. This seems to me the gaping hole in this campaign so far and with so many weeks to go more detail is going to have to be put in place!

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