RWC 2015 CEO Resignation

A slight deviation from the GE intrigue was thrown my way on Friday by the shock resignation of Debbie Jevans the CEO of ER2015.

I was involved in the Blackett Inquiry into the sacking of John Steele as CEO in 2010,as an Independent member, of the panel and learned a great deal about the dysfunctional nature of the RFU & how it was holding back our wonderful game. Some of the suggestions we made were implemented but more importantly the culture of the organisation changed – ironically by the very people Steele had brought in.

Suddenly from messages and calls since Friday it feels as though we are partially back to the same scenario. Crisis comms are always seen for what they are and ‘personal reasons’ means every journalist is now digging to find out what really happened.

For a time I have had great confidence in the RFU and the professional team. I still do. But this episode just gives us all a wobble that we might head back to the bad old days. I hope not.

indeed I am confident we are not.

On a wider point though I will be blogging separately about my experience of the quality of our governance and its consequences for the future of our game – from club to CB to Council and Board.

There are more worried for me here than in the professional teams.
RWC 2015 CEO Resignation

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