40 Days to Go

So at the end of the first day of monitoring the election these are the things I have taken out of today:

Day starts with a 4% lead for Lab in the ST. That will have put a spring in the step of every Labour canvasser. But this ignored the other poll that put them at tied. Just as I sign off I see Comres has a Tory 4pt lead for the Daily Mail tomorrow. Lesson ..Ignore the day to day polls. Understand the polling companies better and the questions they ask. Go on trend and assume the 2% margin of error.

I couldn’t tell you what each of the Parties hoped would be the dominant story on their grids today. There seemed to be lots about poor old IDS and the missing black hole in the Tories spending plans – and where the £12bn welfare cuts will come from.

There were lots of tweets about the Lucy Powell interview and it perhaps being a ‘car crash’. I did watch a bit via twiitter and admit it wasn’t good. There do seem to be some strange choices of people the parties put forward sometimes. ‘Reassured’ is not the way I would describe the interview with Andrew Neil.

Locally a couple of leaflets. Got the intro glossy introduction one from the Tories. It looks like something I would have produced. Showing me to be active and involved in all sorts of local issues & groups plus the stats about the amount of casework I did. The more I read these as a punter the more I cringe a little at our general messaging. I think we should spend a bit more time with non-politico types asking what they would actually read, or like to see in the information we send them. These leaflets are starting to leave me cold already.

nothing seems to have changed since the 1980s.

Saw quite a few slogans via Twitter and ‘posters’ that of course don’t really exist. Non really captured the imagination but I really do feel I have a pretty good idea about the themes and messages I am going to see repeated for another 40 days.

Finally I sat down and watched C4 #coalition this evening. This deserves its own post. I enjoyed the programme but having researched this subject in depth from the various parties I felt let down by the programme.

I wonder what 39 days to got ill bring!

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