I see that PMQs got quite a battering this week in the press and from the public and probably quite rightly.

There is serious need to reform this weekly charade that gives Parliament such a bad name. Or I guess MPs and even the Prime Minister could just behave themselves and return this weekly attempt to hold the PM to account into something worthwhile.

Over the years I used to put in for PMQs regularly and was called about once a year! I did try to use a mixture of serious major political questions – Lords reform or gambling legislation or more topical issues like drawing attention the closure of Astra Zeneca. And when I wasn’t asking questions did I behave. I like to think so. I reckon for 90% of the time I was as appaled as everybody else by the noise and barracking but in hindsight I know when it gets rowdy there is a chance one might join in! Perhaps I did raise my voice once or twice and for that I am now sorry – but generally I was a reformer not a shouter!

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