DCMS Consultation

One of the new projects I want to take on in 2016 is the establishment a new investment fund for sports that have a social impact. The project can be found at www.sportimpactfund.com

I have posted on the sport impact fund but wanted to share with all my sport and political friends!

We were delighted to see the DCMS Sports Strategy consultation was so strong on the need for new income streams into the sector.

Andy Reed said ” We have made the case you can see across this site that a Sport Impact Fund could make a significant contribution to the growth of the sector and particularly where Sport is delivering a social impact on behalf of society.”

“We would encourage anybody who has seen what we are proposing to establish here at the Sport Impact Fund to use this last week to respond to the us and the DCMS consultaiton by giving examples of what you would use the fund to achieve. As always examples and best practise will bring this concept to life.”


The Consulation can be completed online here:


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