Tidying Up Social Media!

As you can see from my website www.sjaeimpact.net the links to my various social media channels keeps growing. So I am having a little bit of a tidy up and being a little more ruthless about what goes where!

From today I will be using my Tumblr for more faith based work, initiatives. That probably means for 2015 CiS, Engage2015 and Openheaven.

My old WordPress site has been revived to allow more political blogging over the next 5 years up to the 2020 General Election.

I will continue to use twitter as my main feed. I use Facebook for more local stuff to Loughborough and friends. I may try to trim this down to make it usable again! Photos do go to Flickr and Instagram, and I don’t have a proper methodology yet as to why! 

Finally my Linkedin pages will remain for professional use only. I do only accept requests from people I know or would like to meet! 

The websites are all linked from my SajeImpact site – The sports Think Tank and Sportinnovation sites. 

So have a quick look – www.sajeimpact.net

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