No Quick Reactions

There is a temptation to react to the rolling 24 hour news agenda and offer immediate opinions to big events. Social media only encourages the speed and need to react. For once I believe it may be useful not to react with immediate thoughts on what has been a momentous evening for Politics and the future direction of our country. 

I thought I may need to spend the next few days blogging on the coalition negotiations and what this would mean. Instead I can be stood down and get on with looking at what a Tory led administration with virtually no majority will look like and what it will do for the next 5 years. My first task is to write a short blog about the pressures for the sports sector now we know one of our future challenges – Tory spending plans and a further period of severe austerity.

There will be a chance to look at much more data about why people voted the way they did and where in the country it all happened. There are going to be a series of Leadership elections and some soul searching. This is a going to be the opportunity for further comment and reflection. But I certainly am glad I had not spent the last 4 years working full time as a candidate only to have lost last night.

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