It’s Polling Day & We Are Still Tied

The last polls have been produced and the last #gotv leaflets are being delivered. If you live in a marginal seat I would urge you to vote early as you will be reminded to vote until you do by eager party activists. Getting the core vote out today will be the difference between winning & losing in so many crucial seats.

Today is a bizarre and slightly surreal experience for me. Since the mid 1980s I have been involved as a candidate in so many elections – including GElections in 1992, 97, 2001, 2005 & 2010. At the ripe old age of 50 it seems strange to have been retired from front line politics. But as you may have gathered from these blogs over the election campaign I have enjoyed watching from a slight distance, being careful not to intervene or get in the way of the world I left behind. Being able to understand how these things work and what my former colleagues are going through today makes it easier to be away from the frontline – especially in an election that is so difficult to call.

The latest polls produced basically seem to mean we have a tie at about 34% for both the main parties. Translated – even with the surge in SNP support – means the two parties will be roughly tied in the number of seats too! So all is to play for between now and 10pm.

From about 10pm tonight I will be mainly tweeting, although where required I may add some additional comments here in short bursts!

I had assumed these blogs would end tonight, but as the outcome of the election may so uncertain I think I will carry on until a government is formed. As I have said for the last two weeks May 8th onwards may well be the most exciting part of this election campaign!

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