Groundhog Day

Over the last few days I have  resisted the temptation to use the ‘Groundhog Day’ title as I thought it would be a little obvious and lacking imagination. But after trying to see any real difference in the General Election campaign today I couldn’t find anything more suitable.

A quick look at the BBC Live summary looks a little too similar to all the other days this week. The Poll of Polls for today has Labour & Tories effectively tied on 33 or 34. The talk has all really still been about what happens after Thursday in the media. This does disrespect the fact that no count has been declared yet! 

It has often taken non politicians to articulate why to vote and how to vote better than our over coached leaders. This article by Robert Webb is a good example. I think I have been as frustrated as much of the electorate at the ability of our national politicians to stick to their lines. I know them all so well by now I could easily stand in for Cameron, Clegg & Miliband on most interviews! It is one of the reasons I didn’t really want to climb the greasy pole. I actually liked the obscurity and freedom of being a humble backbencher to give a little more flavour to my interviews and actually say things I wanted to say. I am afraid social media and the reporting of every slight difference of opinion expressed as disaster has created this lack of debate the media and public then moan about. I don’t see a way out of this viscous circle.

I have been watching the national polls of course for my clients and for the Boards I sit on. The outcome of the election is important. But of course I take a particular interest in Loughborough! This was an interesting update from one election prediction website – just 43 votes in it! Yes just 43. I fee quite strongly that there are may Green voters and progressive Lib Dems who would be horrified by Cameron being PM again. I know tactical voting is a personal choice and I would struggle myself to vote anything but Labour, but there election vote swap sites that help ease the conscience. I am urging all my progressive friends to do the right thing in Loughborough. 

I am back on the London run tomorrow and will miss all those eve of poll leaflets. From what I heard on Radio5 Live today people were monaing about the number of leaflets, but at the same time some were moaning they were not going to vote because they hadn’t heard from their candidates. It is your right to put the leaflets in the recycling. But remember they have all been delivered by hard working local volunteers (unless they are UKIP delivered by teenagers paid below the minimum wage!). Democracy works when you give some consideration to the issues and make a choice. If you are dissatisfied, do something about it. get involved, stand for election yourself. Don’t moan from the sidelines using the usual Clichés about them all being the same. It won’t take much effort – just 10 mins of your time. But Vote on Thursday. Even if it is to spoil your ballot paper. At least you will have showed you care enough about our freedom and democracy to give up 10 minutes of your time every 5 years. Non voters have none of my sympathy.   

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