The Sun

A great deal has been made of the bizarre sight of The Sun paper backing the Tories in England and the SNP in Scotland – especially the bit about one of the reasons to vote Tory is to stop the SNP!

So what does this tell us? Well the first lesson is despite their millions they are not all that good at photo shop. Both pics are frankly quite freakish.

But more importantly this isn’t as daft as it seems. The Sun and Murdoch press – ably helped by the Telegraph, Mail and Express are all campaigning as hard as they can to stop Labour. All journalistic standards have been thrown out of the window and the demonisation of Ed Miliband is even harsher than the s*$t they poured on Kinnock. 

So the SNP doing well in Soctland is just about the only way Cameron and his Tory press can stop Labour just about winning a majority Labour government. Without the rise of the SNP we would be talking of Labour in the 300+ seats territory and the narrative of this election would be very different. So this is all consistent with a strange strategy. Build up the SNP in Scotland to take Labour seats. Attack the SNP as traitors south of the border to scare people back to the Tories. Simple really. 

The BBC Finally covered the story

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