The Election is Over

Anybody who has received their postal vote will, like me, now feel the election is actually over. I have completed my postal vote for General Election and the Charnwood local elections. All of the effort the parties put into the next 2 weeks of campaigning will be wasted on me and the thousands more who have already made their choice.

This is important of course because it does mean there are effectively two separate campaigns that happen with the rise in postal vote numbers. As we know there is a great deal of emphasis put on ‘momentum’ and in the past this has been paced to coincide with activity ahead of the last week and the last push! Now there is no longer just one last push. In 1997 we even went around placing ‘purple’ vote Labour posters over the Vote Labour posters already up… just to give the sense of change, momentum and energy. But now this all too late. Getting the postal vote campaign right is just as important as the ‘main’ election. If you have a postal vote – be prepared for a call from a well organised ground war if you live in a marginal seat.

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