Another two manifestos Launched today

Today was a first full day back in London for me working. I was chairing a Board meeting and then in back to back meetings before getting an early off peak train back to Loughborough in time for Birstall Rugby training. It effectively meant – like most people – I have been cut off the from the news cycle for most of the day.

As I was chairing the SRA Board we had our team of policy officers trying to glean as much as possible from the Tory Launch on what it had to say about sport. I have retweeted the SRA Policy Blog, which a useful capture of what was said. Again there isn’t much but some helpful comments about what they are basically already doing and some bizarre claims about delivering the Rugby World Cup. I am sure ER2015 have something to say about their minor involvement in the delivery!

The other strange sports commitment was to bring American franchises to London. I get this but seemed a strange thing to pull out when there are other priorities. I see the hand of Brian Mawhinney in that one.

I see Ed Miliband was in Loughborough today. The coverage seems fine from what I have seen and he bravely took questions at Brush. He does seem to be growing in stature as the election campaign progresses.

The Green Party manifesto launch would not normally get much coverage – so it shows how far they have come in recent years. Of course there will still only be one MP (if she holds on) after the election but this time with so many candidates they will want to register a large %vote. Sadly they are standing in Loughborough this time – which looking at how narrow the polling is at the moment might be enough to split the anti Tory vote. Getting 5% of the vote in Loughborough, largely taken from Labour could be the difference between winning & losing. I was always grateful we could come to an ‘understanding’ and they knew locally how difficult their standing could be!

I’m hoping to capture a bit more of some of the polls and news tomorrow.

But before signing off this evening I did see an interesting article that highlights that research has shown that over 80% of manifestos get delivered. So whilst the lazy -they never do what they say rubbish is trotted out – it seems its proven to be false. Who knew!

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