End of the first Day

After a quiet start today the PM (unnecessarily) went to see the Queen to dissolve parliament to kick start this campaign officially.

Today I have been aware of the election only through Social Media and about 2 minutes of the BBC news. This will probably be my pattern through this election as I am like many people – pretty busy during the day and often out into the early evening. Today as well as ‘working’ all morning Inhave been doing family duties – including being a taxi for my daughter and meeting our son from a silver DofE weekend. So I catch snippets via social media on days like today. As a political junkie I follow plenty of politicians and political journalists so there is usually plenty to capture. To be fair during this election to help me with these blogs I have also started following The Tories and Lib Dems. I am struggling to follow UKIP, that is beyond my remit to blog here!

Only things of note today. The Tories tried the old Labour tax bombshell tactic again. As I tweeted this claim of a £3000 tax bombshell was rubbished by the IFS pretty quickly and Grant Shapps had to admit it was all ‘guesswork’. In one sense it works to the fears of people who already vote Tory and some floating voters. Appealing to people’s pockets is generally a god idea for the right sadly.

Labour did go on the economy and the risk the Tories european referendum has on business. Some quotes in the poster Labour used caused an artificial storm from some of the executives quoted who wanted to be non-political. As the quotes were public statements already it’s hard to see there was much of a story.

Later in the day we got an excited family as a friend texted my Daughter to watch the Tory PPB. She did and saw the 1.5 seconds her friend and family were in it… Always wondered how people agreed to do these things.

Finding this to show the family also meant I searched for the Labour PPB. I think having seen these I will do separate blogs as we go along when they warrant them. So far I have to say I was really unimpressed by the Tory one. Genuinely not just because it was the Tories. I was pleased to see Martin Freeman speak out for Labour in their PPB. He has gone up in my estimation.

I see the Lib Dems have gone for the centre ground again. Not sure people believe them anymore. It looks a bit silly now after 5 years propping up a right wing Tory government when all too often they used to pretend to be on the left of Labour in some parts of the country.

I had a good chat with the BBC today about rugby and the politics of sport in the general election. It looks like we might get something happening if the right Execs buy the idea. I have been a little consumed by the news coming from the RFU and ER2015 about the sacking of Debbie Jevans. More will come out during the week I am sure.

I did see the London polling for COMRES and ITV. It does seem as though London is a separate country sometimes and in election terms it is certainly turning to Labour again in large numbers. It Helped in 2010 to stem the losses and it shows even more how impressive the Boris wins have been.

I did get into a mini twitter debate about the possible Labour leadership battle post an election defeat for Labour. I don’t think I want to do that again this side of an election. I may dive into a debate for the Tories & Lib Dems to even things up a little as it is obvious any leader who loses in May is likely to be removed/ stand down. It looks as though only one leader will survive this election so lots at stake.

That Labour PPB


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