Election 2015 Blog from a ‘Has Been’

Over the election period I am mostly going to post my thoughts here on Tumblr. I love twitter and facebook & most of what I do will still be on these platforms, and Ioften post on my own website http://www.sajeimpact.net but this is for my much more ‘work’ related posts. So here I will pick up random thoughts from the election.

The perspective is from somebody who has been a candidate in elections since 1987 and for me this is the first time I am not involved. So I can see what the campaign teams are trying to achieve and the thoughts behind the scenes, but now I am a mere consumer of the campaign, so I am seeing it in this light.

As an insider I would be consumed 24/7 by this process for the next 6 weeks, with every twist and turn giving me the feeling we were going to romp home or head for an election defeat I couldn’t understand. But as a ‘consumer’ my normal busy daily life continues with the election only barging in through social media, TV and radio (I don’t have a daily newspaper!)

Most posts will be short thoughts or a daily summary if I have been busy doing the day job or enjoying time with family as most people do!

I am not sure I will be adding much to the discourse surrounding this election but for my own purposes I love capturing history as it happens as all too often we don’t see it as history unfolding. When you get to my age you realise people are ‘studying’ events you lived through so it’s important to capture events at the time through the prism of the now – not with hindshight!

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