Recall of parliament

Clearly as the situation in the Gaza and Iraq (not to mention Syria and Ukraine) continues to deteriorate the calls for parliament to be recalled grows daily. In my past I would have joined that clamour not because it was necessary to show we cared and as backbenchers we might have some say over foreign policy. In truth post the Syria vote that now seems a very sensible call and the PM needs the support of the House to take any meaningful action on behalf of the government.

My only concern is the need for a full recall… Because unless there is a vote this can be an expensive charade. The reality is that so few of the 650 MPs get to speak there surely has to be a much more effective way to gauge support or opposition. This is not to decry the need for debate and exchange and the possibility that arguments put by the front benches can change the minds of some backbenchers – but really the positions will be taken and negotiated in advance

So yes let’s recall parliament – but not under the illusion it will achieve very much

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