Than Shwe – Unmasking Burma’s Tyrant

I was humbled to be at the launch of this book by Ben Rogers – Than Shwe – unmasking Burma’s Tyrant at the House of Commons last night.

Burma remains one of the most tyrannical regimes in the world with human rights abuses and torture a daily occurrence. Yet Than Shwe is not a notorious household name. He deserves to be.

Ben Rogers has risked his life many times to write this book. It deserves a read by anybody who cares about freedom for our fellow global neighbours. Burma is a country we need to free from tyranny. We met people who have been tortured and family members of political prisoners. It is very humbling and emotional. You cannot help but feel you need to do more.

There are so many places we need to work to prevent these tyrants. The humble Ben Rogers helps us get inside the mind and life story of this one. Please read and be moved. But as Ben said last night – be moved enough to want to do something about the situation.

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