Volunteering for 2012

Today has been about 2012, sport and volunteering for me. I chaired the Leicestershire County Sports Partnership Board this morning; chaired the Leicestershire 2012 Committee this afternoon and presented the 3M/Loughborough Echo awards this evening (for the 13th year).  At the heart of all these events is the volunteers. I have written so many words before saying how grateful we are for ‘volunteers’ but I am still always blown away by what people are prepared to give up and do for others.

To say we were celebrating volunteers this evening does not seem quite enough. These people are amazing. Sport and our local communities could not function without them. Even the 2012 Games will be totally reliant on 70,ooo volunteers.

In Leicestershire we are hoping that some of our best volunteers will be rewarded with a place at 2012. But there is a challenge. This is a genuine voluntary role. Ie you won’t get paid for your time or any expenses for the 10+ days you need to find in July 2012 or for the accommodation you need to find in or near London. So our Leicestershire challenge to all groups and businesses will be – will you support a volunteer? They will need our help.

Let me know if you are interested in supporting our local volunteers who may be left out because they can’t afford to be in London in 2012!

If you haven’t signed up yet to volunteer in 2012 you can do so here – http://www.london2012.com/get-involved/volunteering/the-volunteer-programme/index.php

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