Bless at Bethanie

I spent a great afternoon talking with my friend Gerard Kelly. I came across Gerard at Spring Harvest as a speaker a few years ago and he became one of those people I could listen to for hours. I would download all of the sermons I could find and listen to them on my ipod. We bumped into each other a few times and shared time at LPO in France last year as families too. It was therefore an easy decision to agree to become a patron of the Bless work in Europe – and the new vision at Bethanie.

Take a look at their Tumblr pages:

If you know anybody who can help them realise their vision and help by contributing to Bethanie get in touch. I would be delighted to hear from you.

The Bless Network: at home at Bethanie? Bethanie is a Christian Centre in Normandy, France. Just 20 minutes from the pilgrimage centre of Lisieux, 40 minutes from ferries to the UK and 1 hour 45 from Paris, Bethanie is ideally placed to form a centre for training and prayer for mainland Europe. The complex has been run as a Christian Centre for some 15 years, offering a programme of retreats, seminars and prayer activities. During this time it has been developed significantly from its origins as a Normandy farm. Bethanie is known already in France and the UK as a place of prayer and has been used by the Bless Network a number of times for training and retreat activities.